Madonna with Child and two Angels

I'm currently working on this one, and although it's looking good, my comment is really to do with t
Date Added: 01/12/2017 by Janice De Girolamo

Old Mill Pelago Italy - Medium Large

Recently finished this design. It was the largest cross stitch I've done to date, and it turned out
Date Added: 02/10/2016 by Janice De Girolamo

The Kiss 2

This was one of my favourite paintings when I visited Italy. Was thrilled to see it as a cross stitc
Date Added: 01/09/2015 by Janice De Girolamo

Mona Lisa

I completed this painting. It was relatively easy and the end result looks exactly like the original
Date Added: 12/29/2012 by Ron Stearley

Moonlit Water Small - Medium Large

I purchased the pattern " Moonlit Waters" but due to my puppies, they
chewed up...
Date Added: 07/22/2012 by Janyce Behne

Three Sisters

very nice one i would like to buy one please tell me how
Date Added: 06/11/2012 by vian aziz

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